Treatment at Menergy

Phone Intake:

To arrange treatment at Menergy, LLC, please call 215-242-2235 to speak with our Intake Counselor.  She will explain our services and can accept your first payment over the phone if you wish to pay by credit card.  Most people will have an appointment within a week of their payment being received.  While partners are welcome to call us to better understand the work that we do here, only you can arrange for services for yourself.

Stage One:  Evaluation Process:

You’ll meet with a therapist for three one-hour evaluation sessions over the course of three weeks.  We’ll conduct a thorough history and assessment so that we can better understand what is happening in your relationships and where you learned to be abusive.  We will also contact your current and/or former partner for a confidential telephone interview so that we can understand her/his perspective and experience and answer any questions she/he has. You will be expected to agree to stop all physical and seriously emotionally abusive behavior and to pledge to reduce all other abuse.

Stage Two:  Beginner Group

The beginner group consists of 10 two-hour small group sessions over 10 weeks.  The psychoeducational group sessions will help you to focus on monitoring abusive behavior, taking responsibility, exploring and understanding how to stop abusive patterns, and beginning to learn new approaches.

Stage Three:  Advanced Group

The advanced group consists of 20 two-hour small group sessions over 20 weeks.  Participants in advanced-level group therapy at Menergy, LLC more deeply explore the origins and sources of abuse, hostility and entitlements.  Advanced-level work also involves letting go of attitudes and patterns of behaviors that enable our abuse, and learning more about how to handle and control ourselves rather than others.

Menergy LLC also offers treatment for Spanish-speakers.

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